March 05, 2008

American Iduhl

This show is totally lame this ye- WHOA. WHOA. Wait.

Carly Smithson's mom is fucking hot! Jesus wept!

But anyways, show's totally lame as hell.

Except for Christy Lee Cook. Mostly because The Wife is agreeable to the three of us sharing a dirty, dirty night of anonymity; but also because she is apparently familiar with wearing a leash, barking like a dog, and eating out of a bowl. Who doesn't love a good pet, right? Of course, we'd ruin her career. It'd be like being attacked by the Wonder Twins of mortal sin. It's not like she's a great singer, so maybe we wouldn't be missing much; but I digress.

Show's a total waste of time. You're better off just blogging or something.

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