March 03, 2008


So I'm sitting here, and I've been watching this show for the past 45 minutes called 'october road'. Yeah, they write it in lower case like that.

So anyways, it's one of these melodrama types; with the switching back and forth between two time periods: the main characters' childhood and their adulthood. The main people are these four or five dudes who all grew up together; and they're the biggest bunch of fucking pussies I've ever seen. I mean; when they're ten, they're crying about the chicks in their lives; and when they're 30 they're crying about the chicks in their lives and they're crying about the chicks from when they were ten.

So I sit for the entire episode, and the choronolgy switches so often that the only main overriding theme I can gleen from the whole thing between all the crying is that no one on this show has any balls. Except for maybe some of the chicks. They're the only ones not crying like babies about anything.

That's the last damn time I go channel surfing.

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